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Diverse Beats Promo is the fastest-growing and your one-stop shop for all your "Music Promotion" needs.

Whether you want us to create a special DJ, Club & Radio campaign specifically designed for your new release or you want to join our mailing list for exclusive music, all you have to do is send us an email and we will be ready to help!

Pansil - No Problems
Pansil - No Problems

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Korvez X HOLDN - We Both Know
Korvez X HOLDN - We Both Know

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Chapperz - Disco Lights EP
Chapperz - Disco Lights EP

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Pansil - No Problems
Pansil - No Problems

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Which genres of music do we promote on our platform?

We promote and cater for all of the contemporary music genres 

 and we are constantly working on updating and expanding our contacts to continue to help artists from all musical backgrounds to achieve their goals and become whom they were born to be!

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Getting credibility!

Becoming a respected and credible artist within the music industry takes time, dedication, and trust, overnight success is unrealistic.

We see so many artists that have a great work ethic, but the quality of their productions and marketing strategies are overlooked and therefore aren’t being taken seriously, and we see extremely talented artists that have encountered dishonesty and are scared of investing money into their craft and release a few tracks here and there via social media and wait around “for their time to come” hoping to be picked up by an A&R and record labels expecting them to fund all the costs and do all the work that they won’t, and music industry professionals just aren’t interested in half-hearted artists, it’s all in or nothing. 



a few of the radio stations we are Connected with


We are proud to be connected with some of the major radio stations within the U.K. where we get constant support from

on our promos. 


We are a diverse team of active industry professionals, who are devoted

to supporting independent & established artist's music careers.

We pride ourselves on honesty and quality work, which allows us

to connect with each and every one of our clients on a personal level.

With our combined years of experience within the industry,

we have built up the right connections which allow us to take your music

to the next level, build you a loyal fanbase and transform you into a

credible artist within the music scene.



In Association With...

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“I’m partway through my campaign with Diverse Beats Promo and I have to say I’m very impressed with their services! Not only do they offer a great selection of campaign options for artists from beginners to seasoned professionals, but they are great value for money too! I’ve never come across a team of professionals who are so dedicated to working on your campaign, no matter your budget and preference. They make you feel very welcome and keep you in the loop with regular updates on the progress of your campaign.


The team members are so passionate about what they do, it makes the experience of working alongside them that much more enjoyable. I’ve seen some brilliant results so far and had some great feedback and we’ve still got a way to go yet!  So, I look forward to seeing where it takes us! I’d definitely recommend working with them “ -  Tom Walton


Diverse beats promo is a great platform to get your music out. A great team of guys helping the artist get the music out to a wide range of like-minded DJs and producers. Highly recommend by me!


Big up diverse beats promo! Great service from a great team. Will be using them again in the future for sure!