Becoming a respected and credible artist within the music industry takes time, dedication, and trust, overnight success is unrealistic.

We see so many artists that have a great work ethic, but the quality of their productions and marketing strategies are overlooked and therefore aren’t being taken seriously, and we see extremely talented artists that have encountered dishonesty and are scared of investing money into their craft and release a few tracks here and there via social media and wait around “for their time to come” hoping to be picked up by an A&R and record labels expecting them to fund all the costs and do all the work that they won’t, and music industry professionals just aren’t interested in half-hearted artists, it’s all in or nothing.


Music artists are fundamentally a business and to achieve success this is how you need to see yourself going forwards. You’re an artist, don’t allow your passion to be destroyed by excuses and poor & lazy strategic planning.


Whether you’re up n coming or a fully established artist, DJ, Club & radio promotion is essential to building and maintaining a career. DJs play out at clubs, festivals, radio stations and special events worldwide and have huge followings themselves, capitalizing on the exposure of your record you promote with us, highlighting the importance of this marketing and promotion process, with the potential of reaching millions of listeners, maximizing your audience and fan base, future bookings & collaborative opportunities, increased sales and interest from industry professionals.


You do not have to spend a month’s wages on effective DJ, Club & Radio promotion. Our full servicing to specialist DJs & radio stations (digital, online, and FM) has the same process as any other major promotion company, only our prices are honest and affordable.


With pleasure, we’re here to guide and advise you. Please do your research and contact us with any questions you have…