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Press Release


Artist development with Diverse Beats Promo won’t be your average service that you may have seen or even experienced. If working with music industry professionals previously has left you feeling deflated and even frustrated, your close-knit team here will most certainly understand and we couldn’t be more opposite, fighting against the industry stereotype. 

Joining us, you will gain a family of passionate like-minded professionals who will push for your goals to be achieved and most importantly, ensure that you are listened to.



Working with us you will uncover how to strengthen your music and artist project to a high standard using our expertise, taking on constructive criticism and gaining personalised techniques. We will go through and analyse your demos to ensure you understand how to make each song stronger, listen to what music your currently enjoying to gain full knowledge of your artist direction, implement marketing and promotional strategies to your project, allowing opportunities for collaborations with Diverse Beat’s DJ’s, also including Press Releases with Musician Life and Mixmag Asia. To name a few. 

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