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Radio Plugging




This is a great choice if you’re a brand-new artist starting out in the industry and you want to see who has your best interest at heart when it comes to promoting your record, by receiving proof of short term results without having to spend your life savings on something you’re not 100% sure of. Stepping into the real world of music promotion and choosing a company you can trust to do right by you and your music can be very daunting, then this package is perfect for you to put the feelers out with us and let us prove to you what we’re capable of doing in a short space of time.



Promo Package includes:


- 4 weeks servicing to specially selected DJ’S

- 1 reminder sent out

- Feedback at the end of the campaign of DJ support 

- Updates on your promo success

Guaranteed Radio play on Dream Live FM Cyprus
- Music sent to AMW.FM 

- Custom made Instagram promo video

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Our standard pack is for those who know their sound and who they are as an artist and want to start building their name, brand, and status. At this stage, you’re ready to start attracting attention from DJ’s and radio stations who will play your music and start looking out for your new promos/ releases.



Promo Package includes:


- 8 weeks of servicing to National & regional DJs

- Downloads, comments & radio play feedback 

- Updates on your promo success

Guaranteed Radio play on Dance FM Cyprus

- Music sent to AMW.FM, Data Transmission, Select Radio

- Custom-made Youtube & Instagram promo videos

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Pro level is for professional and dedicated artists, who are here to make noise and let everyone know they’re here to stay. We push your promo to world-class, international, national, and regional DJ’S for support on your record. This pack will turbocharge your release, sustain credibility and make you stand out from the rest. Pro level, seriously allows us to give you our best and make sure your record is getting the support it deserves. 


Promo Package includes:


- 12 weeks servicing to World-class, International, National & regional DJ’s

- 3 reminders released 

- Downloads, comments & radio play feedback 

- Updates on your promo success

- Social Media promotion via our closely connected business partners

Guaranteed Radio play on Dance FM Cyprus

- Music sent to Kiss FM, Capital Xtra, Select Radio, Data Transmission, AMW.FM

- Custom made Youtube & Instagram promo videos 

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Our Master plan has been designed to start the transformation of your career! Our team will deeply analyze the infrastructure of your music thus far, and provide direction to develop and enhance your presence within the music industry and support you in any way we can to achieve your goals on a personal 1 to 1 level at your service. We can orchestrate and negotiate collaborations with singers, songwriters, producers, and remixers to complement, strengthen, and accelerate your project to another level. Behind the scenes, our team will begin the process of implementing our strategic campaign specifically designed for you and inform all of our associates and business partners of the promotional strategies to put in place to successfully deliver the outcome you desire.


Promo Package includes:


- 16 weeks of servicing to World-class, International, National & regional DJs

- 4 reminders released 

- Downloads, comments & radio play feedback 

- Frequent updates on your promo success

- Tailor-made social media banner & profile picture pack

- Social Media promotion via our closely connected business partners

- Guaranteed artist interview opportunity on Musician Life official website 

- Guaranteed Radio play on Dance FM Cyprus

- Music sent to BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, One Dance Radio, Kiss FM, and more.

- Guidance from our team for future projects

- Custom made Youtube & Instagram promo videos with your choice of background

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RECORD LABELS subscriptions

Having worked with many record labels over the years, we know that it can be a challenging task to promote every individual release equally and we have just the solution for you. Our monthly promotion subscription packages will give your releases not only the value they deserve but also the support they’re supposed to be receiving from the DJs & Radio stations on a global scale.


We have so much respect for record label owners and all we want to do is make their life easier and relieve some stress so you can focus on building your brand, empowering your artists, and fulfill your responsibilities you have for your artist. 


There's nothing worse for a label than to fall under the common bracket of being another "ineffectual label" that gives their artist false hope, allowing releases to get lost within the saturated market and leaving artists feeling disappointed and unappreciated. Make it known that you're a record label with substance with a profound understanding of producing successful artists.

You may have a mailing list of your own like many do, however, our whole business and team members have dedicated years to building trust and relationships within the industry, gaining the respect, confidence and knowing that we always deliver quality results.


Talk the talk and walk the walk with Diverse Beats.

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promo package

If you would like to mix and match from the services provided in our set promo plans you can absolutely do so.


You tell us exactly what will best suit your requirements for your promo release plans and we will cater to you. 


Once we have finalized your personalized promo package, we will review and provide you with the final costing.

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Please note: We do not accept everything that is sent to us. We pride ourselves on QUALITY over QUANTITY. With that said, please make sure you’re sending us your best work. We will be honest… 


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