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DIVERSE BEATS PROMO has joined forces with DMS VINYL to offer a cutting-edge Vinyl Pressing service that caters to the diverse needs of the music industry. This collaboration brings together the expertise of DIVERSE BEATS PROMO in promoting a wide range of musical genres and the renowned craftsmanship of DMS VINYL in vinyl production. Artists and labels can now experience the timeless allure of vinyl with top-notch quality and precision. Whether it's the warmth of analog sound or the tangible connection with fans through a tangible medium, this collaboration ensures a seamless process from promotion to production. DIVERSE BEATS PROMO and DMS VINYL aim to contribute to the vinyl resurgence by providing a comprehensive and reliable solution for artists looking to bring their music to life in the classic and cherished format of vinyl.



At the core of the DIVERSE BEATS PROMO Vinyl Pressing service, in collaboration with DMS VINYL, lies a mission to elevate the artistic vision of musicians and labels while contributing to the enduring legacy of vinyl records. Our joint commitment is to provide a platform that champions diversity in musical expression, ensuring that every genre finds its rightful place on the analog stage.

With DMS VINYL's expertise in precision pressing and DIVERSE BEATS PROMO's dedication to promoting a rich tapestry of musical styles, our mission is to empower artists to share their unique voices on a tangible and timeless medium. Together, we strive to foster a renaissance in vinyl culture, celebrating the artistry, authenticity, and sonic richness that only vinyl can deliver.


In collaboration with DMS VINYL, the DIVERSE BEATS PROMO Vinyl Pressing service envisions a future where the resounding warmth of vinyl embraces a vast spectrum of musical genres. Our shared vision is to create an accessible and innovative platform that not only preserves the tradition of vinyl but propels it into a dynamic and inclusive space.


By combining DMS VINYL's craftsmanship with DIVERSE BEATS PROMO's commitment to promoting diverse musical landscapes, we aspire to foster a global community of artists who see vinyl as the ultimate canvas for their creativity. Our collaborative vision extends beyond a mere service; it's a cultural movement that amplifies the unique stories and sounds of musicians, connecting them intimately with audiences through the enduring magic of vinyl records. Together, we aim to shape a future where vinyl continues to be a timeless conduit for musical expression, unity, and artistic evolution.

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