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REMIX Services


why get remixes?

Remixes are essential to building an artist career as they enhance the popularity of your release and are a strategic way of supporting your record and giving it that extra push when it comes to music promotion. Remixes are created by other producers which means they will promote the record to their fans and reach a wider audience for the artist. Most people love many styles of music and therefore will appreciate the variety of styles your record comes in. Our remix services increase your chances of DJ & radio support, bookings, collaboration & business opportunities, royalties, and sales.

Our remixers have:

  • Been supported on BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, Kiss FM, Flex FM, Hit FM Cyprus, Rinse FM, 

  • Catered for genres such as; Disco, House, Tech House, Deep House, UK Garage, Bass House, Drum & Bass, and more.

  • Years of experience in finding the right artists for the right projects.

  • Roots in the underground and commercial scenes enable us to cover all genres. 

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  • Save up to 80% off your usual remixing services with a track specifically produced to fit your artistic vision

  • Communicate with the DJ until the track is to your liking. Unlimited revisions.

  • Increase chances of radio play by 95%

  • Remixes are not about creating a 'different style' to your original sound. It is about leveraging your sound to open opportunities for DJ collaborations, radio play, record deals etc.

  • Your original sound will always be there 

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