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A&R/ Talent Scout/ Artist discovery


Artist and repertoire! The most sought after job role within the music industry, the division of finding and developing talent artistically…


Gone, are the days where A&R reps only went to bars and clubs to scout for bands and artists. Now the digital age is here in full effect, the A&R role has evolved too and the ways of getting attention from A&R and record labels have changed. Artist can be found on social media, streaming platforms, music blogs, via online marketing tools, radio and so on.


Now that the digital world has taken over, it has led the market to be saturated with thousands upon thousands of new artist and constant new music on a daily basis, and as a result of this, A&R are only taking interest in artist already showing signs of success through their data and analytics, such as large followings on social media, streaming numbers, gigs/ tours already in place, branding, music quality and radio plays. This allows the A&R to filter through and focus on the serious, driven and passionate artists who show dedication to their craft and this is where Diverse Beats steps in for artist.


Being an artist these days is just like running a business. You have to produce a quality product (your music), find customers, use marketing and promotion strategies, build a brand, constantly network, build relationships, stay up to date with the latest trends & Apps, post on social media to stay relevant and the list goes on. It’s not always as glamourous as people may think and Diverse Beats are here to make the life of an artist a little easier by offering to take over the business side of being an artist.


Not only do we offer DJ, Club & Radio promotion which helps with building an artist status and fan base and creating income through having their music aired on various radio stations around the world, we’re proud to say we also help develop and mentor the artist we work with, we implement Marketing and promotional strategies and we also offer our artist music job opportunities. As our team our actively working in the music industry, we’re always being asked to recommend artist for music projects, which allows us to offer many possibilities to the DJs, Vocalist, songwriters and producers who use our services.


Artists work with us for many reasons such as:


  • Needing a management role to help keep them on track

  • Independent record labels didn't put much thought or care into their release and they need to take control of the promotion

  • Wanting to give life back to a record that was poorly promoted in the past

  • Not receiving the results, they were promised from labels or other promotion companies

  • Wanting to give their current release an extra promo push

  • Fed up of paying for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify & Soundcloud ads and not getting any real listeners, views or success at all or

  • They want to get their music heard by real people in the industry, stand out from the crowed, start building a following and get recognised by industry professionals.


Diverse Beats are here to discover and work closely with artists who’re motivated, determined and believe in themselves and the success they will achieve. The services we offer at Diverse Beats covers pretty much every aspect of what an artist needs to become successful and we look forward to discovering you, hearing from you and working with you…

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