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Meet The Team

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Founder, CEO

With 20+ years of experience within the industry, Serhat has mastered his craft and knowlege through the years of working alongside A-List artists, producers and DJs (eg Paloma Faith, Sony Music) as well as increasing connections throughout his tours across the UK, Aiya Napa, Stockholm. He is also the CEO of multiple music industry companies such as Hurrian Network, Sounds Space and Musician Life.

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Marketing Manager

Brody Braunstein is a young and innovative music and entertainment marketer with experience in fan engagement and artist-radio communications. He is a Diverse Beats sales representative with expertise in guerilla marketing and can confidently create strategies which enable artists to leverage their career success with ease. 

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Senior Marketing Manager

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After graduating from Edinburgh University, Matt started his music career with us here at Diverse Beats Promo. He has been responsible for outreach, and ensuring that we deliver the best services possible for our artists!



Koray is a positively motivated individual who possesses a B.A. degree in English language teaching and a degree in computer engineering. Additionally, he is a passionate music enthusiast. His diverse educational background and interests have made him a highly experienced individual within the technological and music scenes.

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Want to join the Diverse Beats family?

For career opportunities with us, please get in touch by contacting one of the team members above.

We will come back to you as soon as possible.

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