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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

As we all know, building a healthy fan-base is one of the biggest problems for an artist amongst many other things. If you don't market yourself the right way, then building your desired fan-base becomes almost impossible and there are facts that proves this study to be correct. Every musician/artists around the world (at least 99%) makes music with one thing and one thing in mind only and that is to be heard by the whole WORLD!

Yet, they do only little about it. Let me tell you how: Marketing yourself as an artist or Music Marketing is a very detailed process. It starts with being yourself and goes into branding yourself and it ends with delivering your message by telling your story in the best possible way and using the right music promotion services.

Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of music marketing companies out there an each provides of them different, yet similar services with similar pricing. Your job is to do your research carefully and in detail to find out which company fits you the best.

Lets talk about telling a story first. Music, in my opinion is one of the best way of "how to express your feelings and let the world know about them". This is of course an unbias thought of mine as I am pretty sure that there are many other ways to express your feelings. But as I said, music is one of the best ways to do this. It allows you to layer your thoughts into rhyming lyrics which then joined by a melody that compliments it and both of these combined together allows you to create a vibe which did not exist before.

Imagine being able to tell your story, starting from God knows when, till present, in such a way that not many can do. Imagine being born with the gift of having an ear to music? Imagine being able to play an instrument and tell your stories via singing and playing an instrument? How cool is that right? Yes, it is cool and it is actually great, but it doesn't end there. Do you know why? Cos there are many musicians out there who are trying to do exactly the same thing as you: Getting their voice "HEARD" by their music. But, how to get your voice heard? What is the best way to do that? Which platform to use? Which music promotion services or which music marketing companies to use? Or how to brand yourself? Where to start? These are a series of questions every artists ask themselves and mainly struggles with finding the correct answer as the results of a search on the web can be overwhelming. However, don't let this scare you, as once you start taking a step towards this overwhelming procedure of finding the right companies/strategies for promoting yourself, branding yourself and getting your message delivered to the right people becomes so much easier as you begin to understand how it all works.

Firstly, you need to start with creating a plan for marketing your music. Branding is the key whether you like it or not. I know a lot of artists don't pay much attention to their branding as they believe their music is enough to get them where they want to go in their career. FALSE! Branding has helped many successful musicians to go to places where they couldn't even dream of. From being local heroes, to sold out arenas, Branding, telling your story in the right way with the right attitude that suits you, as well as the right social media presence goes a long way in creating your very own brand which your fans can associate with and recognize your logo when they see it somewhere! This is a key factor in the path of making "YOU". Once you are done with branding yourself (which can be improved in time as you go along) then the rest of the plan starts unfolding. The next step is to find focus on finding the right music marketing company to market your music to the right crowd. The right company should have the suitable audience for your music, otherwise your money and efforts will go down the drain. That's why we say "Do your research carefully" and do not rush into anything cos this is one of the most vital and important points for marketing your music. We; as Diverse Beats Promo treat each client individually. We listen to their music first and give them honest answers/feedback in terms of if we could promote their music, give them the value their music deserves or the results they are seeking. Doing that gives us the chance to create long terms relationships with our clients based on solid foundations of trust and honesty, instead of a one off purchase and never looking behind which is definitely what we're not about. So when you find the right Music Promotion Company and done with your branding as well, you are now ready for the next step: Scheduling your promotion and getting together a great looking press release which includes all of your social media links in order for you to create a solid and healthy fanbase.

Your Press Release is also included in your branding. How? When you are branding yourself by creating a logo, taking professional photos to use on your social media sites, album covers if interested, you are also creating content to use in your press releases for when you are ready to promote your music via a music marketing company.

Press release is the heart of your promotion campaign. It talks about you, your story till now, your music that you are promoting and it includes your pictures, social media links to give your potential audience more chances of connecting with you and perhaps following you in your journey and supporting you through it.

Therefore, I suggest you to hire a professional to write your press release, give them as much material as possible to work around with and tell them your vision as well so both of you know where you want to head.

Branding, Press Release & the right Music Marketing Company are all done with, so what's next? The next is quite simple: Proceeding with your promo campaign. Which campaign option to go with? This is where you need to pay extra attention to detail. Your budget is of course the most important key factor here, however, the differences in different packages of promo can and will effect the results of your campaign. For instance, some promo campaigns will offer a fewer options for a cheaper price range. This may seem interesting and triggering in the first place, but don't let this trick you as paying less obviously you are also getting less services. However, if you fetch your budget a little more and go for a bigger option which provides more benefits, then you are definitely getting more out of your money and efforts.

We, at DIVERSE BEATS PROMO always listen to our clients and try to give them the best option for their needs. Whether if its radio/DJ plugin they are looking, or a promo on our Spotify playlists (we have a variety of them by the way, don't forget to check) or an article written about themselves on some of our good friends at Yahoo,, etc. We always do our best to give our clients what they seek as well as what we think will be the best for them and their music which helps us maintain a healthy relationship with between us.

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